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  • Martin Lowes

    Martin is from Newcastle in the UK and is bringing his Geordie humour to the morning show, every weekday. Get involved and be part of the fun! Wey Aye!

  • Chiara Glorioso

    Chiara is half Birmingham, half Italian. She started her career reporting lost cat and dogs, and somehow ended up in the Middle East. From the UAE to the kingdom of Bahrain, you can hear her laugh a mile away. If she’s not on the radio, you’ll find her shopping, getting her nails done or perfecting her selfie pose.

  • Dave Cleary

    Hailing from the North West of England, Dave Cleary has been rocking the airwaves in the Gulf since 1997. He also likes airplane food so much that he's travelled to over 108 countries, earning him the nickname 'Destination Dave'. Dave enjoys the beach life in Amwaj, terrorised by his rescue cat Tala.

  • Ben Weston

    Ben comes from the musical city of Liverpool, not that you'd know it from his accent or his terrible singing! He's been in the Middle East on and off since 1997, in Dubai, Beirut, Dammam and now Bahrain. He lives in Amwaj with the one true love of his life, the thing he'd die for - his Maserati!

  • Noor Albasri

    Noor Albasri is a content creator that started her social media journey by posting music covers
    online where she garnered a small following, and now she's on the radio playing music people actually want to hear. In her free time she can be found travelling around and blogging about the latest lifestyle trends with her personal photographer or 'husband' as he would like to be known.

  • Ali Dawood

    Ali Dawood is the host of the Urban Soundtracks, bringing you the best of Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Dance Hall & R'n'B. The Urban Soundtracks is every Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm, setting the mood for you to enjoy your weekend.

  • Shannon Crockett

    From the land of Neighbours, Home and Away, scary spiders and Kylie Minogue, Shannon is Bahrain's best known Aussie. With a sarcastic sense of humour, dad jokes and attempts to make the mullet great again, Shannon is the soundtrack to your weekend barbie on Radio Bahrain.

  • Mai Al-Khatib Camille

    Our resident Palestinian-Jordanian with a passion for empowering people, Mai with an i has her eye (see what we did there?) on what's cool and happening in Bahrain, as she also writes about it in the GDN and Gulf Weekly. When she's not working out in her home gym (complete with pole!), she's hanging out with her true best friend - her hubby - cuddling her rescue dogs, dancing and feasting... Sometimes all at once!

  • Zaina

    After moving out of the sunshine state of Florida to her hometown of Beirut Lebanon, Zaina hit the air waves in 2013. Diving further into her love of music, she found her way onto Radio Bahrain. When she’s not belting out songs in the car, you’ll find her tucked away into a good book.

  • Sheena Kay

    Sheena Kay’s bubbly voice has been loved in the UAE since 2007 and now she’s bringing her fun-loving energy to Bahrain. Having grown up in Canada, she’s sweet as maple syrup and is borderline obsessed with Drake. Sheena dreamed of being a singer growing up so you know she’s always belting out every song she plays on the radio…lucky for us, she turns the mic off first.

  • Greg Burns

    Hailing from Northwest England, Greg’s first radio job was in a department store! His radio journey has taken him since from Liverpool, London, Sydney and Toronto, having dated a Spice Girl, interviewed everyone from Take That to Meghan Trainor and even appeared in the UK’s ‘The Office’ TV show along the way. Greg is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend!

  • Scott Birch

    Newsreader Scott has been cheerfully immersed in the Gulf mediascape for most of his life, with decades in advertising and production, and years as a TV news producer. Scott’s first full-time job took him to a recording studio in Karzakkan, tape-opping for musical legends like Khalid Sheikh, Ahmed Al Jumeiry and the early Brothers Band. Then to the advertising industry, then to TV with Orbit and OSN. Through the 90s he helped keep time for the Mamlaka as Batelco’s talking clock on 140. The years he spent living with his beloved Bahraini family in a Khaleeji household has blessed Scott with experience of the Khaleeji life.

  • Wrista

    Wrista, our Bahraini music maven and on-air personality who's here to make waves. With a hit song 'Dubai Love,' 1M+ streams, armed with a Master's in Media & Comms, Wrista thrives in music marketing, broadcast media (both in front of and behind the camera). As a radio breakfast show contributor and newsreader, Wrista combines creativity and strategy. Also, a TikTok sensation with 190K+ followers and verified on all platforms, Wrista is the epitome of Bahraini talent and expertise.

  • Dwayne Anthony

    Dwayne hails from Camden Town in North London, a part of London famed for its connection with all musical genres! He has been DJ’ing and performing for 21 years and has spent 14 of those honing his craft and perfecting his skills in the Middle East! After various stints in bars and clubs across Bahrain and the GCC he has found his calling right here on Radio Bahrain! If he’s not spending time in the studio, you can often be sure Dwayne is chilling at home with his wife and 2 rescue dogs, or with his keen sense of adventure off on an unplanned last-minute journey somewhere!


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