Bahrain holds its first Electric Vehicle (EV) Forum

The forum marks a pivotal moment in the island's motoring industry, addressing the future of driving with discussions on infrastructure, innovation, and the unveiling of Volvo's EX30 SUV.

The kingdom’s motoring and insurance experts gathered in Bahrain’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) Forum to discuss the future of driving in the island.

The conference, organised by the Bahrain Insurance Association (BIA) at the Gulf Hotel Convention Centre, boasted 10 international speakers touching on several topics including infrastructure and connectivity to EV insurance innovations and more.

“Electric Vehicles are the future of the global automobiles industry and as much as nearly half of global car sales by 2035 could be made of EVs,” said Jawad Mohammed, Solidarity Bahrain’s chief executive officer and BIA chairman. “This fundamental shift requires the entire ecosystem to make some major changes, and through this forum the BIA attempts to address some of the key issues pertaining to this new trend.

“Bahrain sets a new global benchmark in industry collaboration. We hope those present at this forum will seize the opportunity to develop a successful national EV strategy for Bahrain by exploring the lifecycle of an electric vehicle.”

The forum featured an interactive panel session on ‘Infrastructure, Charging and Connectivity’ by Bruno Soares of ESB International, Bahrain, with speakers discussing the projected growth of EVs, necessary charging infrastructure and other logistical requirements, as well as sharing experiences on effective solutions for probable roadblocks.

Michael Goode, senior general manager, Aftersales at Ebrahim K Kanoo, added: “The future of driving is electric, but customer care, road safety, and repair practices need to keep pace with the technology. Let's work together as partners to ensure a smooth transition for everyone on the road in The Kingdom of Bahrain.”

There was also a session called ‘Scene of Accident Safety and Reliable Recovery’ conducted by Richard Dunbar, the managing director, Park Lodge International, UK.

Meanwhile, Volvo Bahrain unveiled its first small premium SUV EX30, the newest model in its all-electric lineup.

Volvo Regional Business Manager – Middle East, John Duggan was present along with EKK directors Waleed Ebrahim Kanoo, Khaled Kanoo, Isa Kanoo, and other top management members.

Debuting under the motto ‘Small Yet Mighty’, the EX30 is designed to have the smallest CO2 footprint of any Volvo to date.

"The EX30 is expected to be one of Volvo’s top-selling models over the coming years,” said Mike Brightmore, EKK’s chief executive officer. “It combines the convenience of electric vehicles with SUV performance capabilities and advanced technology and safety features. We believe there will be a strong demand for such a unique offering and are confident it will be a significant addition to Bahrain’s market.”

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